Easily enhance your photos with this award-winning photography software

Check out Luminar 3 for just $29.

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It was the great American landscape photographer, Ansel Adams, who said that half of the creative process occurs in the darkroom. Today, we use software instead of chemicals—but his wise words still hold true. Luminar 3 is an award-winning editing app for Windows and Mac that uses cutting-edge AI to help unlock your full creative potential. You can download it now for just $29 at the PopSci Shop.

When you are trying to create something special, you need control. However, many image editors are complicated enough to slow down your creative process. Luminar 3 finds the perfect middle ground. This software has impressive power under the hood, but the controls are very easy to use.

To strike this balance, Luminar 3 uses Accent AI 2.0—technology that combines multiple adjustments into one. For instance, the AI Sky Enhancer lets you recover blown highlights and enhance sunset colors by moving a single slider. In addition, Luminar 3 offers 70 one-click styles developed by professional photographers.

If you prefer taking manual control, you can do that too. Luminar 3 has curves, light adjustments, and tools for removing unwanted objects.

Normally priced at $69, Luminar 3 is now $29 for a limited time.