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USB adapter

Anker USB Adapter

Save 25 percent on an Anker USB C to USB 3.0 adapter if you use the code ANKER875 at checkout. It'll set you back just $7.49. The adapter is about the size of a guitar pick, has a 5GB-per-second transfer speed, and will allow you to hook up older USB devices to USB C ports.

Computer accessories

Logitech PC accessories

Some Logitech computer accessories are now on sale for up to 51 percent off. If you're looking for a new wireless mouse, keyboard, headset, or surround-sound system , now's a good time to buy. or a wireless headset. Right this way..

Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Zipbuds Wireless Bluetooth headphones
Zipbuds 26Amazon

Today on Amazon, these wireless Bluetooth headphones by Zipbuds 26 are on sale for 55 percent off—now $90. The sweat-proof headphones have a built-in subwoofer that provides more robust bass tones. They've got a 15-hour battery life, and weigh half an ounce. Get them in black and space gray or white and rose gold. $90.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Harmony Ultimate Remote


Logitech's Harmony Ultimate all-in-one remote is on sale for 53 percent off—so it's now $140. It can 15 separate devices, and features a color touch screen with customizable shortcuts. It uses haptic feedback to let you know that it's registering your commands and comes with a hub that allows control of thousands of WiFi or Bluetooth-connected devices. All you have to do is plug the remote into your computer and use the MyHarmony.com website to download drivers for the device you want to control.

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