Where to get live, on-demand homework help for $1

Eliminate the pain of schoolwork.

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There’s no question that homework can be key to middle and high school kids’ learning, but there are also countless studies showing that the volume of homework typically given to students has surpassed what’s considered healthy. A January 2018 survey from the Better Sleep Council (BSC) cited homework as modern teenagers’ No. 1 source of stress—more than parental expectations, self-esteem, and even bullying. Homework time is often challenging for parents as well.

So what are your options? Tutoring is the obvious solution but doesn’t always seem possible due to the time it takes to drive there and schedule appointments, and the high costs involved. There are dozens of big-name companies, local tutors, and independent contractors—and somehow none seem to fit your lifestyle or budget.

But Revolution Prep’s unlimited Homework Help isn’t like all the other options. It’s a subscription service that allows your 6th through 12th grader to get the exact subject of homework help or test preparation that they need, when they need it, delivered by expert tutors.

Using Homework Help could save your child up to 30% of the time spent on assignments per week, meaning they’ll win back hours that could be spent with family on extracurricular activities or catching up on sleep and relaxation. Your child can even try it out at a special introductory price of just $1 for the first month.

Revolution Prep stands out from the competition for three key reasons. First, their tutors are the absolute best in the business — not just the best in your local area. Second, tutors are available seven days a week and can be conjured with just a click on the mouse. Finally, they cover almost every subject: 30 of the most popular for students in grades 6-12. Unlike an in-person tutor who is always going to have gaps in their knowledge, Revolution Prep’s Homework Help offers your child an expert in each subject area.

Whether your child wants to better understand and power through their homework, is studying for the SAT, or is just stuck in big classrooms without the one-on-one attention every child deserves, Revolution Prep is a great solution. Thanks to Homework Help’s online offering and this special $1 introductory month of unlimited on-demand help, the decision to try it out is easy. Try it today and end the daily homework struggle.

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