This Linksys router bundle will help you browse at supersonic speed

Improve the speed of your connection throughout your home and save 72 percent.

A poor Wi-Fi signal is a common complaint, but the truth is that improving a signal isn’t rocket science. The Linksys E2500 N600 Wireless Router and AC WiFi Adapter Bundle gives you everything you need for faster browsing speeds throughout your home. You can grab the bundle now for $45.99 via the Popular Science Shop. Plus, you can finally return that router you pay your ISP $10 a month to rent!

Unlike the router supplied by your broadband provider, the E2500 uses dual-band technology to cut through interference. That means that you no longer have to compete with your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal just to watch Netflix! In addition, you can easily protect your network from snoops and hackers with WPA/WPA2 encryption.

You’ll also take advantage of MU-MIMO, a router that can hit transfer rates of up to 300 + 300 Mbps. Meanwhile, the QOS traffic management system will keep your TV stream running smoothly.

The bundle also includes an AC Wi-Fi adapter, which upgrades your current Windows PC to the new ultra-fast standards. You simply plug the adapter into any free USB port to enjoy the speed bump. Put together, this bundle should help you wave goodbye to buffering for good.

Normally worth $169.98 in total, the Linksys E2500 and AC WiFi Router are currently just $45.99—order now to save 72 percent off MSRP.