The solar-powered Lifepack is equipped with oodles of incredible features

Solar charging, Bluetooth sound and anti-theft features for under $150.

There are certain features you would expect from any decent backpack. You know, stuff like adjustable straps, multiple pockets and a waterproof shell. Lifepack does all that and much, much more. This remarkable backpack has a built-in solar charger, Bluetooth audio and several anti-theft features. Right now, you can grab your own Lifepack for just $149 at the PopSci Shop.

It’s easy to see why Kickstarter went crazy for this innovative bag. Everywhere you look, it’s covered in smart design choices. The outer cover is waterproof and reflective, with a window for the built-in solar panel. This panel feeds power to an internal battery pack, which has an integrated USB cable for charging your devices.

Hidden against your back, there are four concealed pockets for storing small yet valuable items. You also get a retractable combination lock to protect your gear. On the inside, you will find numerous compartments—including a quilted sleeve that will take any laptop or tablet under 15.6 inches. There’s even a Bluetooth speaker hidden inside this backpack. If you want to go exploring this summer, you won’t find a better travel buddy.

Lifepack is normally $269, but you can get one now for $149 with a choice of two colors.