Brave New World

PopSci takes the virtual plunge with the introduction of our Second Life Future Lounge


Check out some of the exotic flora on our green roof garden, complete with graywater recycling system


Interactive signs provide links for more information on the real-world equivalents of our Lounge's high-tech fixtures


Out back, take a load off in one of our waterfront loungers and see what's playing on the massive solar-powered video screen


Come on in!


There's plenty of comfortable seating inside, too. Come chat with PopSci editors inside or take a cutting-edge concept vehicle for a spin on the front lawn


Megala perches on another state-of-the-art hovering windmill. Its real-world equivalent generates power from winds in high-altitude jet streams, but we've shortened the tether a bit so everyone can get a closer look.


Come and get your avatar a shiny new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, equipped with a custom chat animation. No more air-typing!


Web Editor Megan Miller as Megala Marx in front of the Lounge. Skystream windmills provide the virtual power