Project: Range Hood Roundup Survey

When someone mentions the phrase “air pollution,” visions of traffic jams and smog advisories probably spring to mind. But have you ever thought about the air pollution right inside your home?

The folks at Berkeley Lab have given it quite a lot of thought. Researchers there helped to bring awareness to the issue of “sick buildings,” and have done much to warn people about the danger of radon exposure. Their current focus is on the hazards found in your kitchen.

“Berkeley Lab scientists have spent decades investigating how everyday activities affect indoor air quality,” said Ross Lyon of Berkeley Lab. “We study pollutant sources in homes and develop effective controls. Our recent study found that cooking without proper kitchen ventilation often produces air pollutant levels in homes that exceed outdoor air quality standards.”

To learn more about cooking by-products and how they alter indoor air quality, Lab scientists have created a “Range Hood Roundup Survey,” and they want you to fill it in and to share it with your network.

To participate in this project, you simply need to go to and click the black arrow button near the top of the page to complete the survey. You can also post that link to your social media feed or email it to your friends.

To see previous air pollution work by the Berkeley Lab, check out the news releases at: You can also find out more about the Lab itself at

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