Remember that time you kitted out your Bentley in deep black Beluga upholstery and regretted it ever after? It pains Bentley to think you might be unhappy with your choices, so they’ve created an app called the Inspirator (available in the Apple App Store) to make sure that never happens again.

The Inspirator is programmed to recognize 34 “facial landmarks,” according to the press release, especially those around your eyes and mouth. As you ponder images of surfers, equestrians, and kids swinging from tree branches, the app analyzes your facial movements at 15 frames per second. Was that a smirk? A frown?

The creators of the app gathered data from 3.4 million faces in 75 countries to make sure they knew what happy or repulsed or most other emotions looked like for as many kinds of humans as they could. This created 12 billion data points on what emotions look like as they flit across our faces.

As you smile or squint, the images that the app shows you change depending on your reactions. The little movie created in the process is analyzed to create a Bentley Bentayga SUV (the only model so far that uses the Inspirator) that will make you happy. You might get the Heatwave configuration with Orange Flame paint, or the dwarven-sounding Stonecutter scheme with Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veener in the interior. If that’s what makes you smile.