Kids! Science! Kids doing science!

In the first edition of “Oliver’s Science Lab,” an adorable child named Oliver teaches the internet about tornados. He covers it all: a DIY on how to make a tornado in a jar, tornado fun facts, and tornado safety tips.

He’s even got the mad scientist look down, with his unkempt hair, lab coat with pens as big as his chest, and glasses that don’t appear to have lenses. He also knows a thing or two about science already.

This little dude started his own YouTube channel — with parental supervision of course — in the middle of May, and his “Science Lab” from this week is gaining much attention. The internet caught wind of the video when Oliver’s dad, reddit user notcodyshafer, posted it Thursday evening, saying “My son (5) has wanted to make science videos since he learned to talk. Here’s his first!”

The rest of Oliver’s channel is filled mostly with Hot Wheels reviews, but we hope that mini-Bill Nye here keeps putting out videos like this to bring us more science and smiles.