This LED lightbulb mimics the cozy glow of an open fire

Enjoy the flicker of flames in your home or yard.

After being warmed by fire for thousands of years, humans are programmed to enjoy the flickering glow of flames. Most of us only experience this feeling around the campfire—but the LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb could change that. This ingenious bulb mimics the color and flicker of an open flame. You can currently get the Big Bulb version now for $14.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Central heating may be very convenient and energy efficient, but it doesn’t come with a cozy warm light. While few homes have a fireplace nowadays, this LED bulb can bring back the warmth. It produces 1300K True Fire Color light, which exactly matches the orangey-yellow shades you see in flames. It also dims and intensifies like a real flame, flickering in the dark.

Along with the flame mode, you can switch to a constant glow. It’s the ideal upgrade for your bedside reading light, or you could use it at the dinner table for some instant ambiance.

Normally $23.99 each, you can grab a Flame Flicker bulb now for just $14.99.