Bears photo

Sasquatch sightings in New Jersey could be explained by a much less nefarious creature. New footage of Pedals, the state’s most famous bipedal bear, recently surfaced.

At first glance, a bear creeping around someone’s backyard on two legs seems adorable. But he’s strolling around like he’s on a drunk munchie run for a sad reason: His front leg and paws aren’t able to bear his weight, most likely because of a car accident (Pedals wasn’t the driver).

Pedals seems to overcome his personal obstacles, as this is his third swaggering summer and he appears to have gained weight.

A petition for the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to capture Pedals gathered 306,249 supporters and a GodFundMe campaign raised more than $23,000 to transfer him to a sanctuary, but wildlife officials are adamant that no intervention is necessary. His advocates are still “monitoring his condition,” according to their Facebook page, as their efforts with Fish and Wildlife services, local politicians, legal defense associations and “celebrities.” And they’re pretty pissed about the lack of response: “Bottom line, without the approval of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife no one can help Pedals, they hold total jurisdiction,” the latest page update states. “If you want to know why they think he is fine please contact them.”

Officials released a statement about Pedals last year: “While some people who have contacted the Division have suggested tranquilizing and relocating the bear, this poses its own risks. Tranquilizing carries the risk that the bear may not recover. Relocation may reduce the survival chances of the bear if it is placed in an area where it must compete with other bears for food.” As we learned from bison and harbor seals recently, nature knows best.

Bears photo