Android Wear Watch $200,000
$200,000 smartwatch

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You probably shouldn’t wear this jogging.

We’ve had more than a full week to digest all of the new gadgets we met back at CES 2018, which means the tech news cycle has started to recover. Last week we got a really interesting new product from Nintendo, and Microsoft continued its focus on finding its way into classrooms.

Switch it up

Nintendo announced its new Labo products, which come with pop-out cardboard pieces that can turn the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers into everything from robotic suits you can wear to a tiny piano you can actually play. It’s just the latest in Nintendo’s history of doing weird, awesome stuff.

Extra pixels

Hasselblad H6D-400c

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We heard you like pixels…

For most people, the 12-megapixel resolution on the iPhone camera is more than sufficient. For high-end pros, however, pixels are precious, and the new Hasselblad H6D-400c digital camera rig can go all the way up to 400-megapixels. A full kit will cost you north of $50,000, and each 400-megapixel image will take up almost 2.5GB of storage space, so it’s definitely overkill if you’re just trying to rack up likes on Instagram.


Are you watching Overwatch League? Blizzard’s dedicated e-sports league just finished up its second week of the regular season, and I’ve been enjoying it tremendously. Though, there are times when the players almost seem too good. Even though I’ve played a lot of Overwatch, trying to process what’s happening on the screen as the players sprint around the map can get disorienting.

Android and diamonds

Tag Heuer Android

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The Tag Heuer Modular 45 Full Diamond costs as much as roughly 500 Apple Watches.

Tag Heuer makes a regular Android Wear smartwatch that costs $1,600, which is a lot. It’s probably too much, really. But if that’s not enough, you can step up to this almost $200,000 version (pictured at the top of this page), which has more than 23 carats of diamonds in it.

Classy laptops

Lenovo school laptop

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This $189 Windows 10 laptop is meant for the classroom.

Google and its Chromebooks have an overwhelming majority when it comes to the classroom, but Microsoft has been on a mission to change that since last year. The latest salvo from Microsoft includes a set of dirt-cheap laptops running Windows 10. The base model is the Lenovo 100e, which retails for just $189, but is still fully compatible with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality tech. There will also be a Chemistry update for Minecraft: Education Edition, which should do nicely for tricking kids into learning about science.

Joystick kicks

Paul George Shoe

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The Nike PG-2 Playstation is a collaboration with NBA player Paul George.

You can’t actually play video games with these limited-edition Nike PG-2 PlayStation sneakers. They do have a sweet, light-up tongue with variable power and vibration like a real DualShock controller, though. They go on-sale on February 10 for $110.

Amazon stay

We’ve been hearing about Amazon’s cashier-free store, Amazon Go, for half a decade, but it’s finally open at the company’s Seattle HQ. Using sensors and your smartphone equipped with the Amazon Go app, the store can automatically detect the items with which shoppers leave the story. The app charges the customers for their purchases, then delivers a receipt. This brings us all one step closer to living full-time inside a giant Amazon warehouse.

Pixel peeping

Explaining how TVs work is something I do a lot as a technology writer and general nerd, but this slow motion video does a fantastic job of visualizing it.

Network connectivity error

If your Wi-Fi has been sketchy lately, and you use both an Android phone and a Google Home or Chromecast, you should check out the new Google patch. That combo of devices has had a few hiccups that can bombard your home network with data and jam up your connection.