The New York International Auto Show is a good place to stand next to cars like this AMG Mercedes that I could never afford. Stan Horaczek

Folding smartphones, you were supposed to be the next big thing. You came along and promised a pocket-friendly design with a screen big enough to make watching Quentin Tarantino movies on a flight really awkward for everyone sitting around you. The Galaxy Fold was your leader but already has fallen from grace. This week’s tech headlines were dominated by talk of the screens on the Samsung Galaxy Fold review units breaking, but it wasn’t the only story in town. Here’s a rundown of what you missed.

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Fun at the New York International Auto Show

This engine belongs in a Corvette, but here it is on its own. Stan Horaczek

New and exotic cars are always good for gawking purposes. You can check out the notable new models here, and then peruse this gallery of beautiful car engines that were on-display.

Instagram may hide ‘like’ counts from your photos

I personally love getting likes on my Instagram photos. They validate me as a person, which I know makes me pathetic, but I’ve come to terms with it. However, Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that would hide “like” counts on photos to help people kick the addiction to those little hearts.

Ransomware took down the Weather Channel for a while

If you were hoping to see some live weather coverage this morning, hackers may have ruined your day. A reported ransomware attack prevented the Weather Channel from broadcasting its live content to viewers.

Soylent made Mini-Meal bars and everyone got mad

Mmmm, square. Soylent

You may remember Soylent as the company who wanted to replace regular food with a semi-nutritious sludge that tech enthusiasts would enjoy. Now, the company has introduced various Soylent Squared, which are little bricks of gel that look like PowerBars and contain 100 calories as well as other nutrients. They don’t look very appetizing, but if you’re eating the engineering student diet of Flintstones vitamins mixed into cooked Ramen noodles, maybe it’s an upgrade. Flavors include pink, yellow, and brown.

Facebook may soon have its own Alexa

Last week, we learned that humans were listening to some Amazon Alexa commands which made people upset. This week, we found out that Facebook—a company with a growing collection of privacy trust issues—is working on its own voice assistant. It sounds risky, but it could also have some benefits. For instance, instead of typing, I’d prefer to audibly shout the condescending comments I leave on stupid statuses from people I knew in high school, but never should have added on Facebook in the first place, it could be really handy.

Here’s the Boston Dynamics Spot robots pulling the truck

By now, I know you’ll pretty much watch any video of the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics. It works on me, too. They’re always equal parts eerie and interesting. In this video, a team of Spots work together to pull a truck. It’s impressive and I totally put it way down here so you had to scroll through the rest of the stories.

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