Google Calendar RIP
Oh, no! It looks different! Stan Horaczek

It’s Monday, but Google’s beautiful new Calendar app has me all thrown off. Why is everything so big? Where am I supposed to be? I’d take a day off to recover from the shock, but I’d have to use the calendar to schedule it. Anyway, here’s a recap of last week’s big tech stories. Sorry if it’s Wednesday or something. I keep track of days with a sundial and a rock I use to scratch days into my wall now, like a prisoner in an old-timer heist movie.

Best of What’s New!

Best of what's new
The best new tech of the year in one convenient location. PopSci

In case you somehow missed it, our 2017 Best of What’s New list is out in the world. So, if you’re looking for the top innovations of the year, you can see them all in one handy spot.

Put a ring light on it

Razer Kiyo
A ring light has an appealing look because it fills in shadows to make skin look smooth and hide imperfections. It also makes a ring-shaped reflection in your eye that makes you look like a cool alien. Razer

Ring lights are incredibly popular right now for streamers and selfie-obsessed Instagram users because the even illumination from around the camera lens creates a unique and flattering look. The $99 Razer Kiyo webcam has a built-in ring light so you can make the best impression with your Twitch audience. It records 1080p at 30 fps and the light has 12 levels of brightness ranging from subtle to eyeball scorching.

Fat flip

ZTE Axon M
Look at all the room you have to do activities! ZTE

The idea of a dual-screen flip phone isn’t totally new, but ZTE is trying to make it happen for real with the Axon M. I haven’t used it myself just yet, but the demos I’ve seen make it look a lot like two smartphones taped together in the shape of a book. I’d like to get one and show up those guys in the PopSci video department with all the monitors on their desks.

Power plant

Romeo Power Saber
There’s enough juice inside this power pack to charge a typical smartphone 10 times. Romeo Power Technology

The 2.2-pound Saber battery backup system is the first commercially available product from Romeo Power Technology, a company that has pulled together talent from some of the biggest names in batteries, like Tesla. The massive 24,000 mAh battery has enough juice inside to charge a phone up to 10 times via USB, or even pump more than a full charge into a laptop via USB C. It’s up for pre-order now for $199, but it will cost $299 when it’s released.

Put Alexa on that thing

UE Megablast
UE raised the total volume of its popular Bluetooth speaker by 40% and added Alexa. Ultimate Ears

The UE Boom is one of the best Bluetooth speakers around, and the newest addition, called the Blast, has Alexa built in so you can make random demands on the go. There are two versions, the smaller blast, and the bigger Megablast, which is now the loudest speaker in the UE lineup.

Put Alexa on this thing, too

Moto Mods Alexa
You can never have too much Alexa on your phone, even when she’s on the back. Motorola

Need more stuff that lights up when you call for Alexa? Motorola announced that its modular smartphone system is getting a new Moto Mod in the form of a $150, Alexa-enabled speaker. The mods snap onto the back of the phone to expand its functionality. Other Mods include a dedicated camera with a real flash and an extended battery.

Dance like a hot dog

Dancing Hot Dog
You will almost certainly someone in one of these get into a fight with someone in an It costume this Halloween. Amazon

Remember when Snap’s augmented reality dancing hot dog took over the internet earlier this year? Well, now the company is selling an $80 costume version of that delicious dancing avatar for your Halloween needs.

Pole position

Polestar 1 Volvo
It won’t be ready until 2019, but the Polestar 1 is shaping up to be one of the best-looking hybrids around. Volvo

Volvo’s racing arm, Polestar, announced a plug-in hybrid car called the Polestar 1 that’s set to arrive in 2019. It uses a pair of electric motors to get 93 miles on a charge without having to engage the four-cylinder gas engine. Interestingly, it will only be available as a subscription service that goes directly to consumers. So, getting one of these will be a lot like signing up for a cellphone plan with a leased phone rather than the typical car-buying procedure

Pixel of the litter

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review
The camera is one of the big selling points for the Google Pixel 2. Stan Horaczek

Our Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL reviews are in and it’s one of the best phones around. It’s not perfect, but it makes a strong case, especially to iPhone users looking to switch. It also has some special tech powering its camera.


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