Get lifetime access to your own cloud storage locker for just $20

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If you are willing to shop around, there is loads of free or affordable storage space online. The problem is, you may have to spread your files across multiple platforms to get the best prices. Koofr Cloud Storage provides a simple solution. This app connects to your Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV accounts and lists all your files in one place. Better still, you get plenty of dedicated storage for transfers. Right now, you can get a lifetime 1TB subscription for just $179.99 at the PopSci Shop.

While some storage apps try to dazzle you with features, Koofr keeps things dead simple. The app offers a clean interface, making it easy to navigate your files and folders.

Along with your external cloud storage, Koofr provides you with a dedicated cloud locker. You can fill it however you like, with no restrictions on file type, file size or bandwidth.

Koofr also allows you to access files on your work computer from anywhere in the world, and find the duplicates in your cloud storage. You even have the option to create branded sharing links.

Order now for $179.99 to get lifetime service on the 1TB plan, worth $2,700. Alternatively, you can get 100GB for $35.99 (worth $540), grab 250GB for $69.99 (worth $1,080), or pick up 25GB for just $19.99 (worth $270).

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