Kelvin 36 is a multi-tool that can handle any DIY task

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It’s always frustrating when you know how to fix something but lack the necessary tools. You can’t carry your toolbox everywhere you go, but Kelvin 36 is the next best thing. As the name suggests, this high-end multi-tool can perform 36 different tasks—from tightening screws to leveling picture frames. You can get yours now for $42.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Many multi-tools provide the essential tools for survival. But you probably don’t need to make fire in a mountain cave or cut yourself free from a parachute every day.

For the daily tasks we all face, Kelvin 36 is far better suited. Made from aluminum with a grippy rubber coating, this multi-tool can handle most DIY projects. It has a flip-out screwdriver, with 26 hardened CR-V bits which can be swapped around in seconds. The bits all live inside Kelvin 36; you simply lift the hinged lid to access them.

The multi-tool also has a cast zinc hammer head, along with a utility knife, a boxcutter, and a bottle opener. You also get an LED flashlight, a bubble spirit level, a six-foot measuring tape, and more besides.

It’s normally $49.99, but you can get Kelvin 36 now for $42.99.