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The quest for the perfect bag is never over, and here’s another temptation along your path. Kammok’s new Burro Pack camping packs—a first for the outdoor gear company—are lightweight and made of durable ripstop nylon material. Waterproof seams keep your gear dry, even in heavy rain. More importantly for people who commute more often than they camp, despite their trail-ready toughness, these bags’ minimal design allows them to carry a laptop to work without seeming out of place.

The bag doesn’t include a ton of specified pockets or features you don’t really need, but does have the necessary places to attach items like a water bottle or a multi-tool.

Four main pockets adorn the bag’s exterior—two on the sides, one larger compartment on the front, and then a zippered pocket in back. When you open the top zipper, you’ll find a laptop compartment with space on the front and the back to put other items. There’s a smaller zippered pocket for charging cords and other small accessories that tends to disappear to the bottom of a carry-all.

The adjustable shoulder straps clasp in front to keep the bag on your body and also feature some reflective material for visibility. The straps aren’t fat with padding, but they’re comfortable without adding unnecessary bulk. There are four bags available—an 18-liter roll-top, a 26-liter roll-tup, a 30-liter duffel, and a hip pack.

Truthfully, we’ve been burned by Kickstarter projects before, which is why our commerce team doesn’t usually cover them. Kammok’s campaign, though, is already fully funded and the packs are already in production, so this is just us letting you know there’s still a bit of time to get on the ground floor of a seemingly top-quality product.

The Burro Zip 18 and Hip Pack are available to pre-order for $99 and have an estimated delivery of this December.