Expedition XLV: The Science Continues

The six astronauts embarking on the year-long International Space Station Expedition 45 mission posed for a Star Wars-themed poster. From the light sabers to the Death Star included in the background, there’s a lot of nerdery to revel in.

Louisiana Land

As other areas of Louisiana get swallowed up by water, new land is forming in Atchafalaya Bay. The NASA Earth Observatory compiled images of the delta from 1984 (top image) to 2014 (bottom image) to show the gradual formation of land.

Maybe Next Time

The DSCOVR satellite finally launched this week, but the weather didn’t hold for SpaceX to try landing its reusable rocket. DSCOVR, which stands for Deep Space Climate Observatory, will monitor solar winds that can mess with communications, GPS and power grids on Earth.

Presidential Pose

BuzzFeed interviewed President Obama this week and in true Buzzfeed fashion, ran a video alongside the piece. In it, Obama uses a selfie stick, appealing to millennials and techies everywhere and promoting health care enrollment.

Icy Spectacle

Two filmmakers created a timelapse video of a hand-built New Hampshire ice castle this winter. The icicle building blocks glow in the different lights, proving that the cold isn’t all bad.

Cosmic Flower

The Chandra X-ray Observatory captured this snapshot of the G299 supernova, which they liken to a flower blooming. (The colors represent x-rays and infrared radiation, which aren’t normally visible to the human eye.) Scientists are using the image to figure out just how explosions like this come about.

Sponge Skeletons

It turns out, rock sponges–found hanging out in the ocean anywhere from reefs to the deep sea–have pretty incredible skeletal architectures. These are just a few of the skeletons.

Lazy Landslide

Although most landslides move at a devastatingly fast pace, this one in Switzerland has been taking its time. Watch the land make its way down a hillside in a timelapse video taken over 20 months.

Wearable Social Network

Researchers at MIT’s Fluid Interface Group came up with a T-shirt that helps bring social media back into real-world interactions. If you’re near someone you know, the special ink on the shirt lights up, and if you shake a friend’s hand, the shirt displays what groups you have in common. Watch how it works.

Physics Valentines

Symmetry magazine created a set of physics Valentines and anti-Valentines to get you in the mood (or not) for the holiday weekend. Check out some of the best pairs here.