Bookshelf speakers 50 percent off? I’d buy it.

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Crummy TV speakers are alright for sitcoms and game shows, but fall short when it comes to hearing cinematic explosions, car chases, and live concerts. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your speaker system. These black JBL Arena B15 bookshelf or surround speakers are half off—today only.

The JBL Arena B15 speakers require no external power source and plug directly into an audio receiver or amplifier via speaker wires. Each speaker—weighing just under eight pounds—has an integrated mounting bracket that fits any wall or sturdy flat surface. The two speakers are intended to be used as part of a larger surround sound system, but work as standalone bookshelf speakers as well. The built-in 5.5-inch woofer, allows it to produce warm lower to mid-range tones. To complement these mid frequencies, the JBL’s have a one-inch dome tweeter. The shape of a tweeter—sometimes referred to as a loudspeaker—influences how the sound spreads throughout the space. Dome-shaped tweeters like these have a wider path for distributing sound than other shaped tweeters. The speakers produce a frequency range of 100Hz -40kHz, which is wide enough for any genre from fusion bluegrass to backpack rap In order to produce a fuller frequency spectrum for your home entertainment system, you can grab the powered subwoofer that is also on sale for half off. $100.

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