This online course bundle helps you master JavaScript for under $40

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Web developers who earn top dollar are usually masters of more than one language, and JavaScript makes the cut more often than not. The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle helps you learn this essential language, plus some resume-boosting back-end skills. You can currently get all eight courses and 57 hours of training for just $38 via the Popular Science Shop.

Almost every website utilizes JavaScript, and many top platforms are built on frameworks like Angular and Node.js. As a result, skilled JavaScript developers are always in demand across industries. This bundle helps you master the language and associated skills through hands-on video tutorials.

You start with the basics of web development, working through HTML5 and CSS3 alongside JavaScript and Bootstrap. Later on, you discover how to build great web apps using the Angular, Node, Backbone, and Express frameworks. The bundle also covers the MEAN stack and provides a complete guide to databases with MongoDB. The result? A well-rounded knowledge of front-end and back-end development. You get over 700 videos overall, with lifetime access included.

Normally worth $719 in total, these courses are just $38 with the bundle. Order now to start learning and save 94 percent on the instruction.