Watch A Japanese Dance Troupe Perform With Drones

Drone ballet is here to stay

The future can be a thing of beauty. With lights and motors and spatial awareness sensors, small drone swarms become aerial acrobats, flitting about among their human partners. Here, they danced with Elevenplay, a “Japanese multimedia dance troupe,” on America’s Got Talent.

Light and flight in darkness.

A parallel dance, humans synchronized below a robotic ceiling, also synchronized.

Full three-dimensionality: a rotating pyramid of drones moves over and around the dancers, who perform in its light.

Elevenplay is part of a growing field of drone performances. We’ve seen drones dance before Mount Fuji, dance with light-up humans, and even saw 100 drones set a world record for most drones airborne at once. Welcome to the new era of postmodern dance.

[via Gizmodo]