Get lifetime online protection with Ivacy VPN for under $50

Shut down hackers with this VPN and firewall combo.

Like pickpockets in the street, cyber criminals often go unnoticed. By simply connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi network, you can give hackers the chance to swipe your personal and financial data. But there is a solution. Ivacy VPN provides complete immunity against hackers and trackers on all your devices. You can get lifetime service now for just $49.99 via the PopSci Shop, with firewall protection included.

Ivacy VPN uses masking servers to disguise your online identity. In addition, your traffic is protected by 256-bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for any hacker to steal your details.

But that’s not all. With the Firewall add-on, you get an extra layer of protection. Suspicious activity and incoming threats, such as malware, are automatically shut down.

With 350 servers in more than 50 countries, Ivacy VPN provides fast connections around the world. This means you can “pop up” anywhere to avoid local restrictions — ideal for streaming your favorite series.

Available on desktop and mobile devices, Ivacy VPN keeps no record of your online activity. Your subscription includes unlimited bandwidth, with support for P2P transfers.

Order now for $49.99 to get lifetime service, worth $1,254.

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