New iPhone Accessory Allows You To Record 360-Degree Videos

Insta360 also supports livestreaming

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Insta360 Nano

If you’re one of the billion-plus Facebook users, it’s almost certain that you’ve seen a 360-degree video show up on your timeline. Now, you can record your own videos with a new iPhone attachment called Insta360 Nano, which starts at [$199 on Amazon](

The Insta360 Nano plugs into the lightning jack of your iPhone, and you record by holding your phone upside down and using a free app that comes with the camera. It has the ability to livestream the video and to record them on a microSD card.

Right now, only iPhone 6’s and 6 plus’s are compatible with the Insta360 Nano, which is available now on Amazon.

The attachment has two fisheye lenses, which is basically like having two GoPros attached to your phone, that shoot at 3k resolution and 30 frames per second. You can use both cameras simultaneously to capture 360-degree video with it, or you can opt to use only one camera at a time, if that tickles your fancy, to create “tiny planet” videos.

So far, the Insta360 company has created a few 360-degree videos and posted them to their YouTube channel, which you can check out here. The videos are fairly simple; you can watch a go kart race from the helmet of a driver or watch a drone fly into a graduation ceremony.

It’ll be interesting to see what crazy, innovative — and hopefully safe — videos people will create using this fairly affordable iPhone attachment.

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