Welcome to the first episode of Futuropolis, a new Popular Science podcast that explores what our everyday routines–eating dinner, commuting, walking the dog–will be like in the future. In this episode, we’re looking at food. Specifically, food in space.

One day, we may well be zipping around in commercial spaceships or living in colonies on Mars. But it will be hard to enjoy life in microgravity if the food is as freeze-dried and, well, unpalatable as it is today. In addition to sampling astronaut ice cream on the show, we speak with a space botanist, an astronaut, and the guy that could make 3-D printed space food a reality. Listen to the episode to find out how, and why, we’ll make future food tasty.

You won’t want to miss the space-food-related gems we’ve pulled from the Popular Science archives, either. In 1965, for example, famed aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun predicted that space voyagers would dine on filet mignon. So fancy. But years later, in 1998, author Mark Uehling sampled a real astronaut meal–and gave it a less than stellar review.

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Futuropolis is a biweekly podcast on the Panoply network. Tune in every other Wednesday for more sneak peeks of the future.