Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Cover

Welcome to Intelligent Design, the PopSci art department blog. Our first story brings you into the world of covers. The Future of Sports issue was quite unusual for us, bringing together both an unfamiliar image and an unfamiliar topic, and presented some unique challenges. The process, however, is pretty typical. in this film, we’ll take you from concept to complete image and hopefully reveal just how much work goes into producing our unique 3-D CG images.

Purists note: I’ve glossed over the typography part: we’ll cover that in a future installment.

Come back each Wednesday for upcoming stories which will include product reviews that you won’t find in PopSci, movies, TV, books and the arts in general and of course more insider secrets.

We hope you like what we’re doing and we’d love to hear from you, about these stories and the magazine’s design in general.

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In this installment, watch creative director Sam Syed’s video explanation of all the details that go into making a good first impression.