There are few things that damage and age clothes quicker than hot settings and high spin cycles in the drying machine. Want to keep your linens and cottons nicer for longer, while saving energy and money? Try switching to air drying your clothes.

If you’ve got clothes pins and drying lines in your yard, let them dry under the sun. For apartment dwellers or for more delicate pieces you want to keep inside, try one of these easy-to-use drying racks. It’s a cheap and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, too.

An attractive, eco-friendly option. Amazon

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Pair your naturally dried clothes with an all-natural rack: this one is made out of bamboo, a renewable, durable, and attractive natural material that’s lightweight to carry and sturdy enough to support wet jeans or bed linens. The drying rack has eleven drying bars total spread across three tiers, with four drying bars on the top rack for heavier items. It stands up at 14.5 by 29.5 by 41.75 inches, and packs away neatly for storage.

An indoor/outdoor drying option. Amazon

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This heavy-duty rack is for those who air dry big loads. The top racks offer plenty of hanging room, while the bottom racks are built to hold up sneakers or slippers. The rack is made out of stainless steel, and holds up indoors or under sunshine (so you can enjoy the sensation of sun-dried sheets). It weighs six pounds and folds up compactly.

A no-nonsense, compact choice. Amazon

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This straightforward steel drying rack is great for setting up in apartments for delicates you want to save from the dryer. It has a 33-pound weight capacity and measures 14.5 by 29.5 by 41.75 inches—big enough to hang a sheet from, but not so big that you can’t navigate around your bedroom. It folds flat to tuck underneath the bed for storage, and is budget-friendly to boot.

A space-saving pick and closet expander. Amazon

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Want to try line-drying but have no room at all in your tiny studio? Want a drying rack that works as a closet expander? This drying rack has a two-tiered, circular structure that takes up minimal floor space. It holds up to 72 garments, with an adjustable neck that lets you change the height of hanging clothes. It works great for drying clothes or just adding extra storage.