The IllumiBowl toilet night light helps you find relief after dark

This motion-activated light also kills bacteria.

When you need the bathroom during the night, making your way through the darkness can be genuinely dangerous. The IllumiBowl Germ Defense Toilet Night Light guides you in the right direction, thanks to motion-activated LEDs. In addition, this neat little device fights bacteria using special light technology. You can grab a two-pack now (one for you and one for guests) for $22.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Even in your own home, the dark can be disorienting—so your guests have no chance. Any number of toes have been stubbed on the way to the bathroom. IllumiBowl solves this problem by lighting your destination. The motion-activated device uses LEDs to light up the toilet bowl with a soft glow. There are three dimmer settings, and eight light colors to choose from—ideal for potty training kids.

In addition, the light helps to keep your toilet clean. Special light technology kills off the types of bacteria that are commonly found in toilets. The IllumiBowl is also easy to clean, with a splash-proof design that sits outside the toilet bowl.

Normally $29.99, the two-pack of night lights is now just $22.99.