This genius storage device transfers 4K video between any two devices

The iKlips miReader 4K works with computers, DSLRs, drones, Go-Pros, and more.

Imagine a flash drive that works with your computer, your phone, and your camera. Then think about up to 256GB of storage space, lightning-fast transfers and even live 4K video storage. Got that? The drive you are dreaming of is the iKlips miReader 4K, which is now just $46.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

This remarkable storage device redefines the meaning of “flash drive”. It has a Lightning connector, micro USB, and a microSD card slot. This means you can easily transfer files from Windows to Mac, or from your phone to your iPad. You can add extra storage simply by slotting in a new memory card, and use password or TouchID to secure your files.

As the name suggests, the miReader 4K can also store high-quality footage live from the camera. This frees up storage on your device and makes it easy to back up your files. It can even handle camera RAW files and GoPro action clips. You can view and manage every photo, video, audio file, and document via the free iKlips app, and easily back up your data to the cloud.

It’s normally $59, but you can currently get the iKlips miReader 4K for $46.99, saving 20 percent off MSRP.