This audio app aims to help your focus and sleep better

iAwake Pro can help you focus and unlock creativity.

Scientists have long known that sound can have a powerful effect on our state of mind. But it’s only recently that technology has put this knowledge to good use. iAwake Pro is an app that uses carefully engineered audio to help you stay focused, get creative, or relax before bed. Right now, you can get unlimited lifetime listening for just $49 at the PopSci Shop.

In essence, iAwake Pro lets you hack your own brain. But unlike that caffeine-rich energy drink, there are no negative side effects to using this app.

Whenever you need to get something done or unwind from a stressful day, you simply put on your headphones and open the app. iAwake Pro has an extensive list of tracks to suit every mood, sorted into Work and Life categories.

Each track lasts between eight and ten minutes—so you can easily get mindful in your lunch break. For long days at the office, you can also create custom playlists. You can listen with iAwake Pro via any web browser, and there’s no restriction on your play time.

Worth $499, lifetime access is now down to $49 on a special price drop.