This ingenious device creates iced coffee in under a minute

Save 25 percent on the regular price with this two-pack.

During the summer months, nobody wants to be slurping hot drinks. But four months is a long time to wait for any caffeine addict. HyperChiller offers a simple solution — this portable device can turn your hot java to iced coffee in seconds, without watering down the flavor. You can grab a two-pack now for just $44.99 at the PopSci Shop.

To make iced coffee, you would normally need to create your brew and put your mug in the refrigerator. But realistically, you’re not going to do that in the morning rush. To solve this caffeine conundrum, simply pack HyperChiller in your work bag. This ingenious device has channels that force your freshly made coffee between layers of ice. This superchills the java, meaning you can enjoy a perfect cold brew.

You load the HyperChiller with ice, leaving it in your freezer overnight. The insulated design stops the ice melting during the day, meaning you get two cups of ice-cold coffee. The cooling process takes less than a minute, and multiple chambers inside the HyperChiller ensure the melt water doesn’t mix with your coffee. It works with single-cup brewers, French presses, and even instant coffee.

Order your two-pack now for $44.99 to save 25 percent on the regular price.