Make Craigslist less sketchy with a second phone number from Hushed

Get lifetime calls and messages for just $25.

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When you make a new friend, handing out your phone number is only natural. But what about Tinder dates and people on Craigslist? If you want to avoid the weirdos or spam callers, you need a Hushed Private Phone Line. This app for iOS and Android lets you create a secure secondary number that works for calls and messages. You can get lifetime service now for $25 at the PopSci Shop.

Sometimes, giving out your phone number is unavoidable. But instead of risking your personal phone number with a total stranger, you can simply hand over your Hushed number.

The app lets you choose a second number from hundreds of US and Canadian area codes. You can then make calls and send messages as you would with a standard mobile number. The app also supports call forwarding, and you can even set up voicemail.

This lifetime plan comes with enough credit for 6,000 messages or 1,000 minutes of call time each year. All you need is a Wi-Fi or data connection—Hushed goes online to avoid standard cell phone charges.

Order now for $25 to get your second number with Hushed, worth $150.

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