Feel the benefits of science-backed music therapy with Humm.ly

Lifetime listening is now only $39.99.

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Trying to stay productive and positive every day at work is always a challenge. When you find yourself struggling, Humm.ly may be able to help. This innovative iOS app provides music therapy on demand, using scientifically-crafted sounds to lift your mood and sharpen your mind. It also provides a platform for practicing daily mindfulness. Right now, you can enjoy lifetime listening for only $39.99 at the PopSci Shop.

You may not realize it, but ambient sound has a significant effect on your state of mind. Humm.ly takes advantage of this by delivering audio that will have a positive effect.

The app includes a library of different sounds that have been crafted by world-class producers and board-certified music therapists. Some will help you wake up and focus during the day, while others will help you relax before bed. You can listen whenever you like, and for however long you need.

In addition, Humm.ly introduces you to the concepts of mindfulness through a game-like experience. The app asks you to complete a journey towards mindfulness, taken in small steps.

Worth $299.95, lifetime access to this award-winning app is now just $39.99.

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