Your standard Maps interface
Here's an app open with no tabs visible so far. Corey Mueller/Popular Science

Here’s our guide on how to use multiple tabs in apps on the MacBook series in macOS Sierra version 10.12. For our complete guide to using macOS Sierra, head over here.

New tabs in apps allow for more work in the same amount of space

Apple went into developer mode with its own apps and souped them up for you. Now, you can use multiple tabs in apps like Maps, Keynote, Numbers, and others.

The screenshot below is what your Maps app looks when you first open it. Press “Command” and your “t” key to open a new tab, or go up to “File” on the top menu bar, click it, and press the “New Tab” option in the dropdown menu.


Your standard Maps interface

Here’s an app open with no tabs visible so far…

From there, you can search your destinations in their own tabs. Much like the new iOS 10 Maps app, public transit is now more readily available as an option. Now, I can weigh my options for my next trip.


Option One: Going Home

Notice the tabs on the top bar of the app. I can put my options right next to each other. For this one, I have transit directions home. How long would it take to get home to Cleveland on public transportation?

Option Two: Cross Country Road Trip

In this tab, I have directions to Los Angeles. Should I drive cross country to visit my brother in California?

I can answer these pressing travel questions without having to close out or delete my routes. This could prove to be extremely helpful in long road trip planning, as you can map your route in smaller, more orderly steps.