video playback

Here’s our guide on how to use Picture in Picture video playback on the MacBook series in macOS Sierra version 10.12. For our complete guide to using macOS Sierra, head over here.

Videos don’t have to take your full attention anymore

A simple, but really fun new feature comes in video playback. If you’re watching a YouTube video in the default Safari web browser on your Mac, or a video from your iTunes/Apple Music library, you can now pop the video out onto your desktop.

All it takes is a few simple steps. Start your video, then look for the “picture in picture” symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the video — see above for the symbol. The symbol consists of two boxes, one with only an outline and an arrow pointing to a filled-in white box that pops out. Click that and you’ll be able to put your video at the front of the screen.

Your video pops out of iTunes or Youtube

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After this, open something up, like Twitter.
Now, I can watch Frank Ocean while I surf Twitter.

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Increased multitasking capabilities.

You can make the display bigger or smaller simply by clicking and dragging the edges of the video, and you can drag the box into any corner of your screen. It’ll automatically snap to the corner in which you place it, allowing you to multitask and watch Frank Ocean’s visual album while tweeting, like I did.