Learn how to build your own custom PC in four hours

This quick-start training helps you build new or upgrade.

In order to play the latest games or edit videos at top speed, you need some serious hardware. By far the cheapest and funnest way to get your hands on a custom rig is to build it yourself. The How to Build a Computer Bundle shows you the ropes, with four hours of hands-on instruction. You can start learning now for only $19 at the PopSci Shop.

Building a computer from scratch might seem daunting, but this training breaks it down into manageable chunks. You learn about all the basic functions of a computer system, and discover how to pick out the perfect components. The lessons then show you how to assemble your machine, wire up everything inside the case, and install your favorite OS.

In addition, you learn how to make hardware upgrades. This could mean adding an SSD to your existing workstation, improving the memory, or overclocking your gaming PC. The courses also look at liquid cooling, RAID setups, and Ethernet wiring. If you’re itching to start a new project in the New Year, look no further.

Worth $375, the training is now just $19 with lifetime access included.