Hong Kong Makes Tesla Remove Calendar App From Cars In Update

Tesla's update message was super passive aggressive about it

Tesla motorists in Hong Kong are down one potentially useful but arguably unimportant feature after the most recent software update.

Hong Kong had the company remove a calendar app from the vehicle’s catalogue of apps, apparently because the Hong Kong Transport Department thought the app “had no bearing on drivability.”

That’s an argument that could be made for every luxury car feature from heated seats to screens for the passenger seats, but we digress. Tesla responded to the demand by offering a passive aggressive update message, as first posted by a Tesla driver on Reddit.

A golden nugget of nanny-state nincompoopery in what is quite possibly the single stupidest software update of all time. from teslamotors

The last line reads, “Tesla Motors regrets that this feature—which is available to customers in the rest of the world—will no longer be available to Hong Kong customers.”

What’s next, bluetooth music streaming?

[H/T: @Internetofshit]