Bee-derived products that do more than sweeten your tea

Honey is excellent for more than baklava. (Though baklava arguably remains its best use-case.)

honey dripping
Harness honey for your mouth, face, and hair.Mae Mu via Unsplash

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, honey has been used for thousands of years to moisturize skin and dress wounds. These products, below, harness the powers of the golden goop for more than an oatmeal topper.

Burt’s Bees 100 percent Beeswax Lip Balm
Make them baby soft. Amazon

This lip balm is the only one that does the job during the depths of winter, when your lips are chapped beyond belief. This lip balm is made predominantly out of beeswax with vitamin E and peppermint oil. With Burt’s Bees you can be sure it’s free of parabens or petroleum.

Honeyskin Face and Body Cream
Extreme hydration.Amazon

The Honeyskin Face and Body Cream is a fantastic moisturizer made from organic ingredients. This body cream uses manuka honey to help with a variety of concerns, from acne to eczema and dry, cracked skin. It promises to make even your roughest, bumpiest skin feel more refreshed, hydrated, and protected.

Amaxy Honey-infused Hair Mask
For your mane.Amazon

If you’ve got dry or curly hair and can’t seem to manage the frizz-factor—especially in the winter months—the Amaxy Honey Infused Hair Mask is worth trying. Made with royal jelly and honey—both products from the beehive—this mask promises to bring more vitality and glow back into your hair.

First Honey Wound Healing Ointment
For nicks and scratches.Amazon

Honey has been used for centuries as a natural healing agent, and this First Honey Wound Healing Ointment has brought the ancient practice into the modern era. This product may form a protective barrier for small cuts, burns, and blisters. The manuka honey used in this product is medical grade, meaning it’s been harvested sterilely. Please consult a doctor before using any product medicinally.