29 percent off home gym equipment and other great deals happening today

Plus a deal on a cookie jar that's a real no-brainer.

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CAP fitness gear

Because the gym is far, and the outside is cold. Amazon

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I’m trying to follow through on my workout goals for the New Year. There have been 8 days of 2018. I’ve gone to the gym on zero of them. I’m blaming the brutal cold that’s been blasting the northeast, so I spent more of the weekend than I want to admit cozy on the couch researching home workout gear. Today on Amazon, they’ve got up to 29 percent off CAP fitness products like a barbell set, weight vests, and workout benches. This way for the full list.

If you’ve got any brains, you’ll grab one of these 9-inch-tall ceramic cookie jars. They are currently 20 percent off on Think Geek—now $20.

Anker Power Bank

A 5,000-mAh battery Amazon

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For the next week you can get your hands on a 5000-mAh Anker power bank—enough to charge your phone twice—for around 28 percent off when you use the code Y18A1109 at checkout. Dead phones are so 2017 and this charger is now just $13.

Poké Ball Pizza Cutter

Gotta slice ’em all. Think Geek

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This Poké Ball pizza cutter is strange and on sale for 33 percent off. The nylon blade comes with a silicone grip and plastic case to complete the Poké Ball and keep your fingers safe.

Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

Take the easy weigh out! Amazon

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I switched to a smart scale, and though I know I’ve got to take the body fat percentages with a grain of salt (an at-home scale is not nearly as accurate as some of the bulkier tools they have at a hospital), I’ve been really enjoying having those numbers sync up with an app on my phone. Right now, you can get an extra 10 percent off this Eufy smart scale—now $36. You’ve got to click the 10 percent off coupon before adding it to your cart.

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Billy Cadden

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