HP Spectre Laptop

At 10.4 mm thick, the Spectre is the slimmest, sleekest laptop you can buy. Outfitted with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and USB-C ports, HP’s latest machine ushers in the future of laptops. Starting at $1,169

Eight Smart Mattress Cover

Sleep-tracking mattresses can cost up to $8,000. Don’t lose sleep over that outlay; opt for the Eight mattress cover. It measures biometrics, light, and noise to gauge how well you’re snoozing. Then it makes recommendations on how to catch better Z’s. Starting at $99

Anker Powerhouse

While USB battery packs are great for day trips, the Powerhouse is perfect for car camping, packing a weekend’s worth of juice. It’s the size of a small cooler and weighs nearly 10 pounds, but it can run your minifridge overnight. $500

Zepp Smart Bat

Baseball is all analytics these days. Now so is the bat. Zepp quantifies your swing by tracking your bat’s angle, position, and speed, 
and then offers tips 
(via smartphone app) on how to improve. Price TBD.

Razer Core

Up your laptop’s power without having to upgrade. The Razer Core (plus a graphics card) lets you plug massive computing power into compatible laptops. $499

Normal Headphones

Most wireless headphones aren’t wireless—they need a microUSB cable for charging. Normal skips the cable for an integrated USB charger. Plug straight into a computer or battery pack to rejuice. $199

Lexar Mobile MicroSD Reader

Why bother taking all that drone footage if you can’t share it? Download photos, videos, and audio from any microSD card, and share it from your phone or iPad. $41

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

If you like old-school writing but still want digital replicas of your brilliance, Moleskine’s smart notebook and pen set automatically syncs your musings to the cloud. $199

Hero Smart Pill Dispenser

Not every gadget is made for millennials. This pill dispenser ensures the right mix of pills at the right time, with alerts for when meds need to be reordered. The Hero can hold up to 10 drugs, and can even handle multiple users. $599

This article was originally published in the July/August 2016 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Hit List.”