Here’s How Pokémon Go Will Make Money

Sponsored locations could bring in advertisers

Pokémon Go is the newfound obsession of millions of people. With a record number of users, several of whom you probably bumped into today walking down the street, Nintendo and developer Niantic have a real hit on their hands. And they have a huge profit potential too—if they can monetize it.

The plan to monetize it isn’t official or anything, but a look at the game and Niantic’s previous games points to one obvious option: sponsored locations as a form of advertising. Stores and businesses will likely be given the chance to create their own Pokéstop. Suddenly Ray’s Pizza joint gives rewards for hitting their landmark. You can see the potential.

It’s unclear when or if they’ll take this approach (we suspect soon and yes), but as annoying as it might be to have to worry about Pokémon Go turning into Foursquare, free Pokéballs are free Pokéballs.

[H/T Financial Times]