With delta 8 THC products sweeping the cannabinoid scene, there are tons of places one can purchase from. Are you looking for the best places to buy cannabinoids online? Or are you debating making a purchase at a local vendor? We’ve got you covered.

You can go to a gas station, a smoke shop, or even online to purchase some of the hemp-derived products. But, there are tons of sketchy products on the market due to loose restrictions. Currently, delta 8 THC lives in a gray area of whether it is federally legal or not.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production of hemp products and derivatives that have lower than 0.3% delta 9 THC. If you look online, you will see that all products containing delta 8 mentions that they have less than this amount. It’s one of the few things needed to be in compliance with the FDA.

However, some states decided to step in and take a stance on delta 8 already. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, and Utah have banned the selling of any delta 8 THC products.

Other states where delta 8 is not completely outlawed, have quite a few brands that either don’t publish third-party lab results or only publish results having to do with potency. This means you will not know of any impurities in that company’s products. With delta 8, the other ingredients in the products are just as important to ensure that you are getting a safe light high.

Yes, a high. Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid which means you may feel high while using any of its products. It’s important to remember that none of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disorder or disease. Always consult with a physician if taking delta 8 is right for you.

Now that you understand how important it is to only purchase high-quality delta 8, it’s time to explain why the safest bet is by purchasing online.

Best Delta 8 THC Near Me

  1. Everest
  2. Area 52
  3. Finest Labs

Online Delta 8 THC Shops vs Local Storefronts

As mentioned earlier you can find tons of delta 8 products across many different types of storefronts. This is a relatively new and booming industry where a lot of companies and brands are trying to get rich quickly. So when planning on making a delta 8 purchase, it’s super important to do your own research.

Readily Available Information about Delta 8 THC

If you walk into a random vape store or gas station and want to buy some delta 8 THC edibles, you aren’t going to have all the information necessary before making a purchase. It’s almost an industry standard for delta 8 companies to post their lab results online for transparency. If you are at a local vendor, that information is not readily available.

If it’s being sold locally, you don’t know if the store even cares about hosting clean and pure products containing delta 8. They may not have even asked for lab results to see if the delta 8 products are quality and free from harmful chemicals.

If you look up delta 8 THC gummies online, you can have all this information right at the tip of your fingers. Plenty of reputable companies have all third-party lab results posted to their sites to let consumers know they only use the best ingredients.

Sure, you can look up the brand name while you are inside a store to see if it’s a good fit. But with some companies offering free shipping, why even go through the hassle of researching a product at a storefront when you can do it in the comfort of your own home?

Product/Brand Variability

Plus, at a local vendor, you are limited to whatever products they represent. If you shop online you have the freedom to compare a million different products instead of just a select few.

You can move from oils to THC vape cartridges all in one online store. Or if that store doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can easily search for the next one. If you are shopping at a local vendor, you are stuck with what they can provide.

Discounts and Savings Programs

Almost every company has some sort of subscription service now, including delta 8 companies. If you stick to in-person shopping, you are missing out on possible deals from signing up for monthly delivery. Most places even offer discounts on every monthly or biweekly purchase.

You also miss out on any holiday sales or random discount codes offered online. You could get an email from a brand saying they are having a flash sale, but if you decided to go to a third-party retailer you will not receive that deal. You are stuck with whenever the vape store decides to discount any delta 8 products and won’t know about it as fast as you would if you shopped online.

Some delta 8 THC brands even offer a rewards program. You can earn points on every purchase and eventually redeem them for $$ off your next purchase. What local vendor offers that?


Aside from all these other reasons we just mentioned why online shopping is the best, convenience is key. If you decide to look at some websites, you can order from anywhere you want and at any time you want.

You don’t have to wait for the store to open to purchase some delta 8. Instead, you can go on your phone, search for what you are looking for, and click buy. It’s as simple as that.

There’s also no need to worry about what your neighbors or family will think once your products get delivered. Most companies now use discreet packaging, so your purchases can be your little secret.

What makes a high-quality delta 8 product/company?

We believe the following factors are the most comprehensive ways to rank delta 8 products:

  • The trustworthiness of the Brand/Product
  • Lab Testing Procedures
  • The quality of the ingredient list 
  • The potency of delta 8
  • Company policies/programs

Trustworthiness of a Brand/Product

Trustworthiness is key when it comes to judging any company that makes delta 8 THC products. If they don’t post lab results, have been known to falsify them, or don’t reveal more than just the potency results, they cannot be trusted. It’s that simple.

Delta 8 THC is a new trend that everyone wants to join in on. It can bring out lots of bad products, which considering this is a psychoactive cannabinoid that one ingests, it’s super important to only shop brands you can trust.

Lab Testing Procedures

As for the company’s lab tests, each and every brand that is worth considering must have their lab results posted on their site. If they do not send out their products for independent lab testing, then it’s not worth it. No matter how cheap their products may be or whatever benefits they may claim.

Brands should show you more than just how potent their products are in their lab results. To be truly transparent they must show if their products contain any contaminants as well.

Quality of Ingredients and Potency

The other ingredients are just as important as delta 8. You can find a super potent delta 8 THC vape, but if it contains butane or other harmful chemicals, then it’s not worth it.

Some companies like to cut corners and rush their production process to sell more and more. We only recommend brands that are all-natural, because pesticides and other contaminants can be seriously damaging.

We also like to look at how companies form their gummies; through gelatin or pectin. It’s important to us that those who have dietary restrictions have access to delta 8 products should they want to use them. All recommendations are vegan to be mindful of those with plant-based diets.

Policies and Programs

Lastly, company policies and programs are considered a determining factor because it speaks for the brand’s culture. If they don’t have decent policies in place, then they don’t really care about the customer. We only want to recommend brands that we believe offer the best products and the best vibes to any potential consumers.

Although we keep mentioning that there are a lot of sketchy brands, there are some good ones too. And those good brands are constantly competing to be the best. This is why we must factor in policies and programs to see what else these companies can offer besides delicious and potent delta 8.

1. Best Delta 8 THC Near Me – Everest

Delta 8 THC near me: Why you should buy online
Image Credit: Everest

Based on all the factors mentioned earlier, we believe that Everest offers the best delta 8 THC products online.

They check off everything on the list of things one should consider when purchasing a delta 8 product. They only use high-quality ingredients, they double test all products in third-party labs, and their gummies are potent.

If that’s not enough, Everest believes in eco-friendly and sustainable practices when it comes to sourcing its hemp. Everest’s plants are all organically grown, non-GMO, and free from pesticides. From the dirt to your front door; Everest ensures that they are as sustainable as possible throughout the entire process. This includes their packaging!

They care about their customers and would only use the good stuff that they would consume as well.

Product and Brand Highlights

We decided to focus on Everest’s gummies for these highlights and ingredients. These are our favorites so far and we believe that edibles are a more accessible product for people who can’t/don’t/won’t smoke.

  • Blue raspberry flavored vegan gummies
  • 20 mg per serving
  • 100% natural grown in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • No preservatives
  • Lab-tested twice for quality assurance

One of the biggest features that sets Everest apart from every other brand is its double testing. With some companies not even willing to do any third-party lab tests, Everest blows everyone else away with its transparency. They truly only want to produce and sell the best and have the results to prove it.

Everest also uses advanced extraction techniques that allow them to maximize the amount of pure delta 8 THC drawn out from each plant. They know more and more people are turning to delta 8, and want to be prepared with the latest technology.

It’s also worth mentioning that Everest’s website design is super calming. Once you enter the site you instantly get hit with a wave of relaxation and serenity.

This brand even has a subscribe and save program where if you sign up, you can save 20% off retail prices. It’s even customizable! You don’t have to stick to a default delivery of once per month. You can lengthen or shorten how often you get your gummies delivered. Everest makes it easy if you need to skip a delivery or even cancel your subscription. They truly put the customer first with this program.

Everest even offers bonuses to those who stick with the program long-term!

If you aren’t interested in their subscription service, Everest has an even better incentive to purchase with them: free shipping on every order. That’s right. No minimum order amount for this deal to take place. Simply add their gummies to your cart and enjoy not having an additional fee for delivery.

Everest makes you feel on top of the world, both with their products and with how customer-oriented they are.

List of Ingredients

  • Pectin
  • Glucose syrup
  • Sugar
  • Distilled water
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Natural and artificial colors
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium citrate

Everest excels when it comes to the perfect product formulation. There are only 8 ingredients other than the delta 8 itself! Everything is pure and quality to ensure the best experience while taking delta 8.

They recommend for adults over 21 to take one gummy as their serving size. It can take a little while for the delta 8 to work its magic. We recommend waiting a couple of hours before deciding to take another one, especially because Everest’s gummies are potent.

#2. Area 52

Delta 8 THC near me: Why you should buy online
Image Credit: Area 52

If you are looking for the second-best delta 8 THC gummies, Area 52 is the place. Their edgy alien-themed website makes for a great user experience when it comes to purchasing their products.

This brand’s gummies are not straight delta 8, but also contain small amounts of CBD, CBC, and CBG. If you are looking for more of a hybrid delta 8 product with other cannabinoids, Area 52’s delta 8 gummies are great.

Product and Brand Highlights

  • 3 different flavors in each pack of gummies (strawberry, green apple, and pineapple)
  • 25 mg per serving
  • Sourced from organic hemp plants
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar
  • The founder is a biochemist who has been working on extraction techniques for years

Area 52 has a pretty cool origin story where their founder is an actual scientist who has focused on cannabis for over a decade.

If you can never finish snacks because you get tired of the same flavor, these packs contain 3 different ones. You won’t grow bored with their flavors.

As for their brand policies, Area 52 has a subscription service where you can receive a monthly bag of gummies at 15% off the retail price. It’s not super customizable, but you can add skip a month or cancel at any time. If subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can buy in bulk. Area 52 offers 2 and 3 packs at up to a 5% discount.

If your order amount goes over $110, you will receive free priority shipping.

Another cool aspect of Area 52 is that they have a blog all about delta 8 and hemp. They provide excellent educational content for people at different familiarity levels of THC, delta 8, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids.

List of Ingredients

  • Hemp Extract
  • Pectin
  • Tapioca Syrup
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Natural Flavors
  • Natural Colors
  • Citric Acid
  • Sorbic Acid

Similar to Everest, Area 52 has less than 10 ingredients. They also believe in only using what’s necessary to create a great delta 8 THC product.

#3. Finest Labs

Delta 8 THC near me: Why you should buy online
Image Credit: Finest Labs

Finest Labs focuses on making good quality products with delta 8 at an even better price. They don’t want people to turn to cheap, dangerous, or sketchy brands because premium quality delta 8 THC is expensive.

Finest Labs offer 1 flavor vape cartridge, 1 flavor tincture, and 1 flavor of gummies. Like Area 52, you can order each of these products in packs should you need to.

Product and Brand Highlights

  • The brand’s team of scientists specializes in terpenes
  • Strives to be affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Offers a sustainability guarantee

Finest Labs is a good introduction to the delta 8 THC world. Their recommended dosage is half a gummy or about 12.5mg delta 8 if it’s your first time. If you realize you may have a lower tolerance, Finest Labs suggests decreasing your dosage as needed.

Another great aspect about Finest Labs is that they offer a full refund to customers within 30 days of purchasing. Any order amount $150+ received free priority delivery. Finest Labs makes it easy to shop with them.

When it comes to sourcing and producing their hemp-derived products, Finest Labs strives to support sustainability all around. They apply this belief to their farming, extraction process, and use of other ingredients to create their products

List of Ingredients

Unfortunately, Finest Labs is not as transparent as Everest and Area 52. They did not have its ingredient list posted under each product or on a separate page of their site. However, they do send all products to be lab tested and are vegan.

Can I order Delta 8 online legally?

There are some major differences between Delta 8 THC and delta 9. The first being that delta 8 is federally legal, while delta 9 is not.

Delta 8 THC is less psychoactive than delta 9 and is known as “cannabis light” or even a diet version of the real deal. Since it is not as strong as delta 9, it’s not common for users to experience paranoia or anxiety while taking delta 8 THC products.

If you live in a state where recreational cannabis (delta 9)  is illegal, you may be able to opt for some delta 8 to try out how it feels. It will get you high, but definitely not at the same level as regular cannabis products.

Will delta 8 show up on a drug test?

Even though delta 8 is legal in many states, there are no protections for users when it comes to drug tests. There is not enough data and studies to definitively say that delta 8 will make one fail a drug test, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have an upcoming drug test, we don’t recommend taking any delta 8 products beforehand.