This HD dash cam captures every fool on the highway

Protect yourself on the road and record your travels for just $24.

When someone bends your fender, you will almost certainly want to prove your innocence. Human witnesses can be unreliable, but the High Definition Dash Cam will always back you up. It sticks to your windshield and captures the road ahead in glorious 1080p. Plus, you can use it to record your road trip. Right now, the camera is just $24 at the Popular Science Shop.

An increasing number of drivers are installing dash cams as insurance. It makes sense, given the number of fools on the highway. This camera captures every dumb overtake and sharp turn, through a wide-angle lens. You can get the Dash Cam to capture your entire journey, or start recording when it senses a problem.

That’s because this camera has its own G-sensor. When you brake hard or make contact with another vehicle, the Dash Cam starts rolling. It also has infrared night vision technology and a 4x digital zoom. You can even use it as a regular camcorder.

The HD Dash Cam is normally $59.99, but you can grab it now for just $24.