HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 Teaser Is Here, Featuring Google’s Big Dog Robot

The robotic dog from Google's Boston Dynamics makes a violent cameo
'Silicon Valley' season three teaser screenshot
A screenshot from the teaser for the third season of the tech industry satire on HBO. Popular Science

HBO’s Silicon Valley is the best comedy about the tech industry in recent years (sorry Big Bang Theory — but not really). Actually, I would go as far as to say that Silicon Valley, created by former tech drone Mike Judge (of Office Space, Idiocracy and Beavis and Butthead fame), is actually one of the best comedies overall on TV these days. And now it’s returning for a glorious third season on April 24.

The first teaser for the new season, which premiered today on YouTube (and which I first saw thanks to Entertainment Weekly), brings us back into the orbit of Pied Piper, the promising-yet-dysfunctional fictional startup company at the center of the show.

There are some mild spoilers if you’re not all caught up yet, but more importantly, the brief clip contains a cameo of Big Dog, the powerful and often eerie robotic pack animal developed by Boston Dynamics, which has appeared numerous times here on Popular Science. (Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google in 2013.)

The poor robot, which has already received its share of abuse from its human masters, appears to be once again getting literally kicked around. Although this time, it has antlers, as it did when impersonating reindeer in a recent Boston Dynamics video. Perhaps for a winter holiday-themed episode? Whatever is going on, count me in.