Happy Alien Day!

Hold on to your faces
'Alien' limited edition print from Mark Englert at Bottleneck Gallery
One of several prints that go on sale on Bottleneck's website at 12 pm noon ET on April 26, aka "Alien Day." Bottleneck/Mak Englert

Today is a special day: April 26, or 4/26 on U.S. calendars, matches up with LV-426, the fictional name given to a moon in the real Zeta Reticuli star system, which is said to be home to a colony of Xenomorphs, a.k.a., the creepy alien species from the Alien movie franchise. To celebrate the date that coincides with one of the homeworlds of this terrifying extraterrestrial species, lots of humans and would-be Xenomorph hosts are posting cool fan-made Alien artwork on social media under the hashtag alienday426.

Alien Day posts on Instagram

Among them is director Neill Blomkamp (the presently un-infected human behind District 9 and Chappie), who just shared new concept artwork of his proposed Alien 5 sequel that remains in development limbo.


The Bottleneck Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is also holding an Alien Day special today, with limited edition artwork available for purchase on its website beginning at 12 pm EST.


The gallery is also going outside its walls to host a screening of the original 1979 film that started it all, Alien, at Syndicated BK at 10 pm. Unfortunately, that’s all sold out, but anyone in the NYC area can show up in the lobby around 8 pm to try and get some free prints and memorabilia. You can also watch any of the Alien movies at home, of course. And bake your own Xenomorph chestburster cake (if you do that, please post some pics). Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be a fun, heartfelt celebration.