Heads Up: PopSci/Instructables Halloween Contest Approacheth

It's less than two months away. Of course you've got Halloween on the mind!

Kreepy Komputers

Nothing like a little All Hallow's Eve resurrection. For a geektastic holiday, nothing can beat some bodywork and a well-placed full-screen image (transferred via floppy disc, of course).
Mac-O-Lanterns by Fusebox.

It's a mere 50-some days till All Hallows Eve. Huzzah! Time to dust off your bioluminescent thinking cap, strap on your fanciest pumpkin duds and get hacking. Just like last year, we expect to be floored by you ingenious folks. And, just like last year, grand rewards (lest fame and glory fail to entice) await entrants.

Keep an eye out for updated specifics, but get posting in the meantime: Any Halloween projects uploaded to Instructables between last November and this will be eligible.