Grill gear to make your barbecue the best on the block

Patty stuffers, meat claws, grill robots, and more.

Be known for your meat-charring abilities. This is when your kebabs and tin-foil-wrapped corn make you a favorite among your neighbors. No guarantees, but some may fall in love with you and your jalepeño-cheese-stuffed burgers. How? Lots of tasting, high-quality ingredients, and some of the best gear on the market. Read on.

Add some flavor. Amazon


This grilling plank variety set comes with 14, 5-11-inch planks made cedar and alder. Cooking on wood adds extra flavor in your veggies, meats, and seafood. These are oven-safe, too, so you can use them indoors. The pack also comes with a recipe booklet.

Day or night. Amazon


If you’re cooking after the sun goes down, make sure to keep your grill station lit. This Cuisinart grill light has nine LEDs with 10,000-hour bulb lives. It’s powered with three AAA batteries and clamps to your grill’s handle. The light isn’t waterproof, so make sure to remove the device when it rains.

You can fit more food on your grill with these flexible sticks. Amazon


Space on your grill is precious. These Fire Wire grilling skewers are made of flexible stainless steel, so you can squeeze more onto your grate.

A less messy way to make a delicious treat. Amazon


Stack your ingredients in the baskets and safely stick it over your grill or campfire. Is it necessary? Not in the strictest sense. But the promise of making batches of s’mores on the grill—this one makes six at a time—is enticing.

Grilling is great, but I can’t imagine eating burgers or grilled chicken every day. Amazon


Why not grill up some molluscs with garlic and butter? This cast iron grill has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and can hold 12 oysters. It can really hold anything that fits in the oyster slots, so get creative.

Check your food’s internal temperature from your phone. Amazon


The Meater is like any meat thermometer, but with wireless connectivity, so you can monitor your food’s internal temperature from your phone. It’s got a five-inch-long probe and charges in an AAA-powered wooden box. Pretty classy. The internal sensors read up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the external part of the probe measures ambient temperatures up to 527 degrees.

The basics of outdoor entertaining. Amazon


This digital thermometer has a large LCD display and can measure temperatures between -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically shuts off to save battery life. The claws make tearing through smoked pork shoulder super easy and way less messy. Plus you’ll feel like a bear or a tiger or something.

It takes longer—but it’s worth it. Amazon


To make sure the smoky flavor of the wood chips penetrates the meat—and not just flavor the outside—you’ll need patience first and foremost. Some people smoke their meat for for days or even weeks. This stainless steel smoker box is a good, cheap option for somebody who wants to smoke meat, but isn’t quite ready to spend hundreds of dollars on an elaborate set-up. You put wood chips in the box and put it directly your charcoals. It’s a relatively simple, inexpensive, and unobtrusive way to get some of that smokey flavor.

Get some advice from the pros. Amazon


Brush up on your basic BBQ knowledge and get tips from people that know what they are talking about. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay will teach you how a smoker works, what woods to use, which cuts of meat work best, and how to serve your fare. There is nothing wrong with seeking a little outside help.

Everything you need. Amazon


If you’ve been using the same tools your parents put on their wedding registry, it’s time for an upgrade that gets you excited to grill again. This kit comes with a spatula, power tongs, a basting brush, a knife, a cleaning brush, four pairs of corn holders, and two skewers. All the tools fit in the aluminum carrying case. It’s suave as hell.

If you’re not into the robot idea, here’s a good option for the manual approach. Amazon


This 18-inch grill brush has stainless steel bristles that, as the company notes, can survive a zombie apocalypse.

Enrich the taste of your food. Amazon


This Himalayan salt block, roughly the size of letter paper, comes with a steel-coated holder with handles. Why cook on a salt block? The minerals and cooking technique are supposed to offer a more complex flavor than regular table salt.

To remember how much you cooked certain cuts. Amazon


TableCraft bamboo steak markers act as labels for cooked meats. This package comes with 130 markers—20 rare, 30 medium-rare, 30 medium, 30 medium-well, and 20 well.

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