No gift is worthy of the best mom in your life, but this list of potential Mother’s Day gifts could at least offer a way for you to say “thanks for loving me/my partner/my favorite niece even when they pooped right through that nice onesie.” If for some reason none of these ideas suit, you can check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas of years past, too.

Soundcore Life 2 gift set

Great headphones, a portable power bank, cables, and a case. Amazon

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This gift set comes with Soundcore Life 2 headphones, a PowerCore 5000 power bank, a PowerLine+ Micro USB cable, and an AUX cable. The headphones hold a 30-hour charge when using active noise cancellation and 60 hours with active noise cancellation while plugged in via the AUX cable. It also has comfy memory foam cushions. The PowerCore 5000 is a lipstick-shaped power bank that can provide a full charge for an iPhone X. You also get a carrying case.

Tea set

A temperature adjustable kettle, a tea diffuser, and some tea leaves. Amazon

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For a DIY gift set, grab the supplies to make a perfect cup of tea: Purchase a temperature-adjustable electric kettle, loose leaf tea diffuser, and a few ounces of tea leaves. Depending on the type of tea, each needs to be brewed at exact temperatures and for specific amount of time. Green teas can range anywhere from 1-3 minutes at 175-185-degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Rooibos teas should steep for 5-6 minutes at 205-208 degrees.

Ovalware iced coffee maker

Keep them energized throughout the summer. Amazon

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If your mom’s a java drinker, pick up one of these airtight Ovalware iced coffee makers (the device can also brew iced tea). The bottle is made of borosilicate glass and includes measurements on the side so you won’t need a scale. Place the coffee grinds inside the built-in stainless steel filter and simply pour hot water over the grinds. Once you’ve poured the desired amount, place it in the refrigerator 12-18 hours. The airtight seal helps keep the brew fresher for longer. It’s practical, but elegant-looking.

Napper weighted blanket by Bearaby

A breathable and stylish weighted blanket perfect that’s the perfect size for a couch. Bearaby

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The hand-woven, organic cotton Napper weighted blanket from Bearaby helps its wearers sink into the couch and relax. Weighted blankets supposedly help you sleep and reduces stress. I’m not sure about the science behind that claim, but I’ve been using a weighted blanket for a few weeks, and I think it’s been helping me feel stable and secure when trying to get some shut-eye. The blanket comes in seven colors and three weight choices—15, 20, or 25 pounds. They—and most weighted blanket companies I’ve spoken to—suggest that you get a blanket that is about 10 percent of your total body weight. Because this weighted blanket is woven, it also breathes more than others on the market.

SnailLax massage mat

For the mother that deserves a back rub. Amazon

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This SnailLax massage mat is the perfect gift for a mom that’s on her feet all day. It has ten built-in vibrating motors and four heating pads located on your upper and lower back, thighs, and calves. It comes with a remote that can trigger massage nodes in specific areas and adjust the intensity of the kneading. The mat is flexible so you can easily store it or place it on a couch or bed when you’re using it. It comes with an attached pillow and the cover is made of soft polyester.

Shower cup holder

This drink holder can suction onto any flat surface. Amazon

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This simple device keeps your bath and shower libations at hand and away from the water. Enjoy a shower beer, bath wine, or bonus shampoo holder. The SipCaddy can attach to any smooth surface, is made of dishwasher-safe plastic, and can fit anything from a wine stem to a solo cup.

LuDela candle

This real-flame candle can be controlled via remote. Amazon

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The LuDela Perfect Pillar candle is a no-mess, real-flame candle that can be extinguished from afar. The electric inserts—which can last up to 40 hours—communicate with an included remote control to ignite or extinguish a flame. If the candle falls over, the flame automatically goes out. Also, the outside shell is decorative, so it’ll never melt and you can change the style and color. The starter kit comes with two fragrance rings, two refills, one decorative shell, and the remote control. More info, this way.


Easy access to thousands of books. Amazon

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Amazon’s new Kindle is a gift that checks multiple boxes. Mom gets all the books she wants on demand on a glare-free display that costs less than $100. The Kindle holds a charge for up to 6 weeks, and features an adjustable front light for reading in the dark. You can even highlight, look-up, or translate things from the page you’re reading. For people that don’t have the time to read, you can also use the new Kindle with Audible books and hook up a Bluetooth pair of headphones.

For a longer review, head this way.

Aura digital frame

You can pre-fill it with your own baby photos or images of her many other, more impressive accomplishments. Amazon

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We can’t do a guide for parents without including a digital picture frame. This one is one of my favorites. The WiFi-connected Aura digital photo frame has a 9.7-inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution. It weighs under six pounds, features unlimited cloud storage, and even uses facial recognition to create albums of the people most often in your photos. It’s one of the nicest looking frames on the market and even uses built-in smart sensors to adjust the screen’s brightness based on how much light is in the room. More info, this way.

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