GoPro Names Its Drone Karma

Payback for a deal gone sour?

Still From GoPro Karma Promo

Still From GoPro Karma Promo

Screenshot by author, from YouTube

For years, GoPro was the silent partner in the camera drone revolution. Slung beneath DJI quadcopters or hobbyist-built models, the hardy camera took all the footage, but the flying machines themselves got the credit. Tired of playing second fiddle in a growing industry, GoPro is putting itself back in center stage with a new unmanned vehicle of its own. The drone was announced in October, but now it has a name: Karma. I guess Karma’s a drone.

The drone will come out sometime in 2016, but other than that, there are few details of the product. Instead, GoPro released a teaser video, complete with New Age style quasi-mystical inspirational language. Watch it below: