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Google took to the stage today in San Francisco to announce firm details surrounding their latest slew of hardware products. The leaks of the Google Pixel gave us a good idea of what to expect from the company’s first Google-branded phone. And then there were details we didn’t about: the final version of Google’s new VR efforts, Daydream View, saw the light of day as well as Google Wifi (a mesh-networking-supporting router) and an official unveil for Google Home.

Google’s stated goal is to make products that blend in with the objects of your house: “Our design was inspired by consumer products that are commonly found in homes. Like wine glasses and candles.”

In this respect the search company succeeded. Maybe too much.

In revealing the new Daydream View VR headset, Google’s Clay Bavor stressed the importance of comfort. And judging by the material of the headset alone, looks like Google totally nailed it.

With a fresh-smelling home fit to answer questions, and comfortable VR sleepwear you can put right on your face, the only question that remains is: when will the rest of the matching Daydream View outfit come out? The fashion-conscious are impatiently waiting.