Juno Google Doodle
Google pays tribute to the Juno spacecraft with a new doodle. Google

Late on July 4th, scientists and engineers in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory welcomed Juno to Jupiter with cheers and applause. “NASA did it again! And I’m so happy to be a part of the team that did that, it’s almost like a dream coming true right here,” said Juno principle investigator Scott Bolton. Google captured this celebratory moment in its latest doodle.

In glee-filled 8-bits, a mini (and delightfully diverse) Juno team hops and smiles in front of a control panel. The spacecraft spins as an O in Google and transmits clapping, confetti and a camera to the screen behind them. Clicking through the image brings up the “Juno probe” search, with updates from today’s momentous approach and the history of the mission.

NASA expects Juno to start sending low resolution images back today, with closeups coming in August. Catch up on PopSci’s coverage of the historic event, here.